Saturday, March 21, 2009

Too Busy!

Sorry for not updating. Things are crazy! Churching Planting stuff is crazy. Trust me, God is doing some amazing things!!



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God once again shows up!

So check this out!!

For the past 7 months we have been praying for a worship leader. We have talked to several guys from different parts of the Country. I was starting to get a little nervous being just over a month away from LAUNCH (3.29.09) and having no one to lead worship. I knew that it would be a real stretch for me to try and lead the singing (haha). So listen at what God had in store all along. Just a few weeks ago through a few connections here in Wilmington we found out about a guy who was a great possibility.  I called a few references on him and received good reports. I then called him, met with him a few times, he led in worship this past Sunday, and I hired him last night (Monday). Would you know that he lives in Leland. Once again God shows up! Being so close to LAUNCH it would have been tough for someone to uproot from out of town and be here in that short period of time.  God knew all along the guy he was positioning was right here in Leland.  So Crosswinds has hired it's first staff person. As of 8:30 pm last night Scott Hennis became the new worship pastor of Crosswinds Church. Scott grew up in Wilmington and graduated from Laney High School.  Scott is married to Rebecca and has two awesome kids Sydney and Jude. We are so excited about Scott, Rebecca and their family Joining the Crosswinds Team.

Welcome to the team Hennis family!!

Sorry, Scott this was the best Picture I could steal of you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

40 Days till LAUNCH

Can you believe it! In just 40 short days Crosswinds will be launching it's first official service and our launch team is really excited.

Let me tell you what God has been doing over the last few weeks. We have added 2 new families the Albertsons and the Cooks who both live in Leland and are excited about joining the Crosswinds family. . In just a few short weeks we out grew the home we were meeting in and just this past Sunday we started meeting in a temporary location just across the street from our future home. This past Sunday we had 25 adults and 16 kids.  We have recently connected with 4 other families and could be potentially adding them to our launch team as well.

Another exciting thing is that one of our launch team families are starting a small group tonight that will be discipling a couple that came to Christ not to long ago. (Praise the Lord)

God is truly assembling a great team that is making a difference in the Leland area and has a heart for seeing people come to Christ.  You have been a part of making this happen through your prayers and your giving and although we are in hard times economically God has continued to be faithful. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for partnering with Crosswinds to advance the Kingdom.

Remember our LAUNCH is 40 days away on SUNDAY, MARCH 29. We would love to have as many of you visit and be a part of this special day. Even if you can't make the 29th we invite you as a partner to visit Crosswinds any Sunday.  If you plan to attend LAUNCH Sunday please email me and let me know so that we can have an idea of how many of our partners will be attending.

Here are a few request to pray for concerning Crosswinds

1.  Interviewing process with Worship Leader.
2.  For God to continue to position people as part of the Crosswinds Launch Team.
3.  Strength for our launch team over the next few critical weeks.
4.  Continued financial support over the next 2 years as we move toward being self supporting.
5.  Connections with people who are de-churched, and un-churched.
6.  For salvation of those in Leland who do not have a relationship with Christ. (this is the most important request)
7. The Robles Family who will be moving from NY at the end of the month.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers!

Advancing the Kingdom,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God's Faithfulness

Once again I have been blown away by God's faithfulness. I have some exciting news to share with you about what God is doing. God has added another new family to the Crosswinds team. The Robles from Corning NY will be moving March 1 to become a part of the Crosswinds family. 

Please be praying for Nelson, Jessica, Abigail, and Dominic as they make this BIG move in just a few short weeks. 


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Leaders

God is so cool...
Check this out.... 

David and Sarah Alderman from the Crosswind's team have been building a relationship for some time now with a family from Leland where we will be planting the church. Ash and I had the privilege of having coffee with them about a week and half ago to share with them the vision of the church. For some time God has been stirring in their heart, and as of Sunday Jan. 11, Brandon, Randi Jo and Raymond have joined the Crosswinds Team.  We are so excited to have them as a part of the team and look forward to how God is going to use all of us in the days ahead. WOW, God is positioning people for Crosswind's team and for kingdom purposes.  As a team we believe there will be many more just like the Rooks that God will bring to Crosswinds to provide leadership. 

Thanks God for your faithfulness..

Moving Forward